Outer by teen filmmaker, Logan Marshall is set to premier this summer.  This is a movie about surfing on the Outer Banks across all ages of surfers and all of the islands that make up the Outer Banks.  From teenage pro, Bo Raynor to gnarly Brett Barley and East Coast icon, Jesse Hines, you will see some incredible surfing.  Showing the true story of what has happened through our history on the Outer Banks.  Creating an emotional, inspirational, high energy, cinematic masterpiece.

Starring: Bo Raynor, Jesse Hines, Lynn Shell, Quentin Turko

Featuring: Lucas Rogers, Brett Barley, Micha Cantor and friends.


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Supported by: Outer Banks Boarding Company, Carolina Surf Brand, Carolina Surf Film Festival, Dare County Arts Council, Surfalorus Film Festival.




Contact:  outerthemovie@gmail.com