We want Outer to screen internationally, and YOU can help us make it happen!


The Gist:

Outer is planned to premier in the beginning of July.  However, Outer is still being created and will be up until June.  We are looking for surf shops and companies to make this possible.  Anywhere from surf shops showing it in their shop for free, to companies renting a venue and charging $10 a person.  We would like to start screenings in July and go through the Winter.


Pricing and Profits

Talk to us.  We want to negotiate with you and find out what is best for the both of us.  There is no set price for Outer and in some cases we will let you show Outer for free.  We are just stoked to get it out there!


If you want to make make a profit

If you are looking for a profit from your screening with Outer, awesome!  We will talk to you and based off of your expected sales, location and location size, we will come up with a price!


If you don’t want to make a profit

If you don’t want to make a profit, we plan to donate to the Live Like Zander Foundation and Surfing for Autism.  You could also do a free showing for the public and we won’t charge you!

Film Festivals

Send us an email, we’d be stoked!

What we provide

We provide graphics for advertising, download links, and social media advertising.  If you would like to order posters that is possible but you will need to pay for shipping.  Depending on your location we could have surfers at the screening.


or email OuterTheMovie@gmail.com